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What my clients have to say:

"I began seeing Karen through a recommendation from a friend since August 11. I had a few sessions with her, in which she had not only removed my pains which I had gotten through an accident but changed my mind-set totally towards massage. She is the best therapist (which I do not know much) I have ever gone to. She is very professional, considerate and her technique is awesome! She creates a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. She checks with you, asks for feedback and is responsive in her methods of individualizing to the person's needs. I will definitely recommend her to my friends, family and co-workers frequently. Her pleasant and calm personality make everyone feel at ease....Thank you Karen and God Bless"
Supra, Raynor massage patient
"Karen has a lovely massage studio on the top floor of her house. Everything is very clean and the massage table is very comfortable - something that is not easy to find in Hanoi. Karen's massage technique is quite different to other therapeutic massages in that she uses reflexology to loosen the body up before she moves on to the full body massage. While I really do enjoy her massage it is not always pain free! I say that in a very positive way as I visit Karen regularly to keep my injured body functioning. I have had many back issues over the past five years and Karen certainly helps in maintaining a pain free body for me. She is very generous with her time and is quite flexible over appointments.

I would thoroughly recommend Karen if you are looking for a truly therapeutic massage here in Hanoi. Whilst I tend to need the more painful side of the massage she is also able to do wonderful relaxation massages also. To be able to communicate any issues you might have and experience a practitioner who truly understands the body is a rare opportunity here in Hanoi."
Mhairi, Raynor Massage Patient
"First of all Karen is a very warm and friendly person, you will feel directly at ease (at home) with her.

Concerning the treatment, I can not say what you will feel because the experience is different according to the person, but after I went there, I felt very relax and at peace, I felt like all my energies were balanced. I felt like all the bad energies that I had from outside were leaving my body.

I would recommend it to my friends, in fact I already have.
You should go with an open mind and you will really benefit from this experience.

Thank you, Karen"
Anne Marie, Reiki Treatment
In reference to how LC describes her Raynor Massage Treatments: "What I do tell people is about how my muscles feel more flexible, my knees stronger, and my back spasms disappear so that when I take a walk, I walk with more fluid movements through my legs. There is pain, but I know it is tension and muscle trauma that needs to be ironed out so it is DEEP."
LC, Raynor Massage Patient

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