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Crystal and Elemental Energies

Crystal and elemental energy healing draw upon the Universal Life Energy, the energy that is in all things. Karen combines the use of crystals and/or the use of the elemental energies in her Reiki sessions to enhance the gentle healing effects of the treatment.

The healing properties of crystals were recorded by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Indian cultures. The Bible has over 200 references to crystals and their powers and their effects.

Although science has a hard time explaining how crystals work. Crystals can focus, transfer and store energy. This energy can be used for beneficial healing and energizing effects. Crystals can improve ones physical and mental health, as well as one’s emotional well-being.

The Five Elements are the basic constituents of matter. In the Western world they are known as the “elemental energies”. The concept of the energies is one that has been use by many cultures for thousands of years.

The benefits derived from a treatment session with the elemental energies can leave one relaxed, energized, and rejuvenated.

What to expect in a treatment session:

During a Reiki session with crystals or elemental energies, the practitioner may place crystals or symbols on or around the receiver’s body. The sensations one feels may be very similar to those in Reiki session without the use of these added energies, that is to say, the receiver may or may not feel sensations but should trust that the “Universal Life Energy” is flowing and the benefits of the session are being received.