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Holographic Memory Resolution

Painful experiences in our lives precipitate an “encoding” of the overwhelming feelings, resulting in the storage of “trauma.” HMR is an “emotional re-framing” technique which allows reprogramming of the affect (feeling content) of memory while enhancing visual/sensory access and avoiding full re-live. Individuals who normally cannot visualize, be hypnotized, or access memory, generally find this process simple and effective.

HMR does not alter our memories, but simply updates the emotional charge – the link which attaches us to the painful content and physiology of memory. HMR provides a gentle, symbiotic link with the client, promoting the safety necessary for the expedient re-framing of the emotional content of memory. A safe “observer” stance is achieved and maintained that eliminates abreaction and retraumatization. There is no need to relive traumatic memories.

What to expect in a treatment session:

During a Holographic Memory Resolution session, which lasts from one to one and a half hours, the practitioner guides the client into establishing a safe environment from which to conduct the session. By using the holographic nature of the body/mind, HMR enables the client to transmit a corrective holographic signal, usually employing the primary language of color, to the subconscious mind, thereby updating the protective program that is holding the memory fragment and demonstrating the client’s own capacity to create safety.