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Treatment Prices

Holographic Memory Resolution $45/60 minutes; $60/90 minutes

Holographic Memory Resolution® is a new body/mind approach that allows expedient access to past memories and helps to achieve resolution of the painful emotions associated with such events without having to “re-live” such experiences and without affecting historical memory. This technique is profoundly empowering to the survivor who becomes his/her own source of healing.

Raynor Massage $45/60 minutes; $60/90 minutes;

$75/120 minutes; $90/150 minutes; $100/180 minutes

A deep tissue massage designed to find and release physical and emotional tension. Pure, therapeutic essential oils are used during the massage. For more effective benefits of this massage, it is recommended that you schedule for a minimum of 90 minutes. Depending on your needs, multiple sessions may be required. Consult with A-Roaming Bodyworker for your specific needs.

Prenatal Massage $45/60 minutes; $60/90 minutes

An hour-long gentle massage which helps to address the discomforts caused by hormonal, skeletal, and circulatory changes that occur during pregnancy. It’s an opportunity to bond with your baby while enjoying the benefits of a massage. The massage can also be combined with craniosacral therapy for the extra benefit it provides in helping to regulate the central nervous system. This treatment combination is a 90-minute session.

Craniosacral Therapy $45/60 minutes; $60/90 minutes

A therapy working with body’s membrane system that surrounds the central nervous system and connects the cranium to the sacrum. Using very gentle touch, the therapist’s objective is to find areas of restricted movement that compromise function. By assisting the hydraulic forces in the craniosacral system, central nervous system functioning is improved.

Reflexology Massage $45/60 minutes

An acupressure massage technique which concentrates on the feet and hands. Pressure is applied to specific zones to release tension and increase circulation throughout the body. This massage gives specific attention to your feet, hands and head for a truly rejuvenating experience. Pure, therapeutic essential oils are used during the massage.

Reiki $45/60 minutes

A gentle non-invasive method of hands-on healing drawing on the Universal Life Energy which sustains all life. It is a full body treatment which promotes healing and harmony, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Jin Shin Jyutsu $45/60 minutes

A gentle non-invasive method of hands-on healing designed to facilitate the easy flow of the body’s life energy, (chi or prana). Various hands-on sequences help to relieve pain, restore emotional equilibrium, and release the causes of both acute and chronic conditions.


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