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Raynor Massage

Taking the best from Western and Eastern massage principles, the Raynor technique draws mainly from Shiatsu massage methods. The technique also incorporates deep tissue, acupressure, hand and foot reflexology, Swedish, Hawaiian, and Ayurvedic principles which results in a unique blend of massage.

The massage is an active and intensive engagement between the practitioner and the client where the client “participates” in the treatment, (little chance of falling asleep in this type of massage). The client works along with the practitioner to establish the level and depth to which they would like the treatment to attain. As the client becomes more accustomed to the massage method, treatment intensity can increase. The practitioner strives to release tension in the client’s body, either emotionally or physically, which can result in a very therapeutic and stress-relieving experience. Unless you’ve had a Raynor Massage before, this type of massage may be quite a different experience for you. Hopefully one that will allow you to see and feel its benefits.

What to expect in a treatment session:

There’s no set treatment. Each session will focus on the client’s specific needs. Expect to participate in the massage! The client will be instructed in how to “breathe through” and relax during some of the tension releasing applications. After an initial diagnostic assessment and warming up of the muscles, the treatment session begins. The massage is a whole-body treatment, however, along with work on the usual areas of the torso, arms and legs, there will also be a concentration on your feet and hands, typically ending with a focus on the head. The result should be a release of tension and a feeling of being reenergized.