5 Elements Qi Gong

Sunday, July 12, 2020 I will be facilitating an introductory 5 Elements Qi Gong class at Om Hanoi Yoga Studio and Cafe. Click on the event flyer for a full resolution view for further information.

Soul Lit Summer

This five-week program will take you on an explorative journey by way of the 5 Elements and the body’s chakra energy system to shine light on the part of the soul that is in the shadows and to bring it forward for healing and transformation.
This program is open to all, especially those looking for clarity in their life, looking to feel more centered, and in greater harmony with your emotions.
If you’re looking to feel more grounded, and aligned with your life path. And if you’re looking for a greater understanding of the human experience this program is for you. Click on the program flyer for a full resolution view of the program details.